Who We Are and What We Do

Our Mission Statement

LGBT+ high school students feel alone and uneducated because of lack of access to their community. Our mission is to allow members of the LGBT+ community to connect with each other and themselves.


Our Vision

At Haven, we provide access to resources and other community members. We aim to connect high school students to their community and to helpful resources.

Meet our Founders

Mel Colella

Mel came out at a young age and struggled finding a connection to her community. Although her parents were accepting, she often felt alone and separated from her peers.
As she got older and found more connections, she realized how much better the world is when you have people like yourself to talk to.
So, she created Haven, a virtual pride center designed to deliver to queer teens exactly what Mel wished she had growing up: a community.

Jenny Plishchina

Jenny came out in her late teens, after spending much of her youth being the "odd kid" because she "wasn't like the other girls."
She learned that community means everything to individuals that have always had to fight to be seen, accepted and understood.
So, she joined up with Mel to create Haven, a welcoming and supportive community to be there for their fellow queers, so they never feel alone on their journey of self-discovery.